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Hey Friend!  My name is Carl D. Wright, I am 33 years old and am happily married to the love of my life, the wonderful Dr. Cassandra Wright. We are the proud parents of 2 amazing little boys – Zion Alexander & Ezra David!  We are residents of the great city of Columbus, OH.  Though neither of us were born here, we love the city of Columbus passionately and we have the distinct pleasure of serving as the senior leaders of a brand new church plant here on the South Side – Hope City South!  

I am a Pastor, Teacher, Author, Clarity Coach, Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant.  I have been in ministry for over 17years in various capacities, served many great men and women of God, traveled around the world preaching the gospel and in all that I do and have done, I have ONE singular passion – To know Jesus and to make Him known!

Connect with me on Instagram: @CarlDWright