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What is Clarity Coaching?

Pastor Carl prefers the term “Clarity Coach” as it is his intention to guide you into clarity. Whether that is by providing you with resources, insight, tools and language to help navigate your healing journey. Empowering you into healthy living as it pertains to your Mental and Emotional wellness OR by coaching you through business and ministry endeavors.

He is here to help YOU do your work so you can unclutter and get clear!

Information & FAQs

  • Carl is 31 years old. He is married to the amazing Dr. Cassandra Wright and they just welcomed their first child, Zion Alexander Wright, in June of 2019.

  • He holds an associates degree in Pastoral Leadership from Valor Christian College (Columbus, OH) and studied in their advanced leadership program.

  • He has 14 years of ministry experience, 7 years serving in Pastoral Ministry and has counseled countless hundreds through the ins and outs of life.

  • He has 7+ years of experience as the owner of his own business doing Graphic Design & Consulting work.

  • He is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and is the author of a book entitled “TOUCHED” which details the abuse he endured, the trauma he experienced as well as the long reaching impact of that trauma AND his journey of healing.

  • Carl is a Member of “Even Me Life Coaching & Counseling” which is owned and operated by a Licensed Professional Counselor.  One of the great benefits of receiving coaching by an Even Me Coach is they have checks and balances in place to ensure they have actual qualifications to what they say, ensure client confidentiality and a number of other standards set and enforced by Even Me LLC and it’s lead Clinician, Janaya Jackson; LPC.

Struggling with Emotions

Feeling Stuck

Planning an Event

Launching a Ministry

Starting a Business

Social Media Planning

Content Creation


Life Issues

Identifying and Breaking Patterns & Cycles

Navigating Your Mental/Emotional Wellness





Clarity Coaching is $35/Hour (most session unless otherwise determined are ONE HOUR)

Payment is due at the time of booking.

Our scheduling is done via our booking calendar below!  The Calendar shows the dates that are available and when you click on the date you would like it will show you the times that are available.

When you book your session you will be given the option to answer a couple of quick questions to help prepare Pastor Carl for the meeting.  Once you fill out the quick form you will submit your payment and your session will be set on Pastor Carl’s Calendar.  If this is your first time booking you will also submit an intake form which is required to be on file for each client.

Our sessions are held mainly over ZOOM video calling.  Once you book your session you will be given a special link for your one on one meeting.

Because our sessions are held via Zoom Video Calling you can be ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD from the convenience of your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer!

NO!  Because our sessions are held via Zoom Video Calling you can be ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD from the convenience of your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer!

You can do an individual session to start, however we recommend you commit to coming for a few sessions to give time for measurable goals to be achieved and for optimal outcomes as coaching is most effective over time.

Book Your Session TODAY!