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Instructions for Preparation:

Thank you for registering for the Design Basics!  This is a crash course in design using Photoshop.  We will run through the software and get a chance to design together to introduce you to the possibilities of what you are capable of.  It’s going to be so much fun.  No matter what type of session you signed up for, below you will find some instructions to prepare you for your class.  PLEASE BE SURE YOU GO THROUGH ALL OF THIS to make the MOST of your session time. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and I look forward to seeing you soon. 

What you will need:
1. Access to a computer/laptop
2. Photoshop – if you don’t have the software already you can get it from Adobe Creative Cloud.  I believe the photography bundle which is Photoshop and Lightroom is the cheapest bundle which will give you access to the software you need. Here is the link – (Please note that Lightroom is a separate program that comes with the bundle but we will NOT be using it for this class)
3. Watch this video in prep for your class –  – this will be the preliminary teaching to show you how to set up photoshop, some basics on how to use it and will make your session go MUCH SMOOTHER to get this out of the way first.  Also, if you watch that video and your photoshop workspace doesnt look like that, you just need to set up your workspace.  Here is a video on how to do that –

A few extra instructions:
* PLEASE be sure that you ALREADY have your software downloaded and installed on your computer BEFORE the class starts so that you are ready to go and can get the most out of the class
*It would also be good to make sure your computer has the space and ability to run the software without freezing. 
*This is a 60 minute class.
*If you are already familiar with design and have done any flyer design etc. PLEASE send me some of your work so I can see how far along you are.
*If you have any specific questions or things you want to learn specifically how to do, shoot those over to me and we will try to get to it in the class if we can. 

VIRTUAL SESSIONS:  If you signed up for a virtual session you will be contacted about setting the date and time as well as you will reciieve an email with  your unique zoom link and access info.

*Be in a quiet, well lit place so that your camera can be on and so that you can focus and participate in the class.

*it is BEST to connect the zoom on the computer that you are doing design on so that you are able to share your screen if necessary.

IN-PERSON SESSIONS:  Please note that in-person sessions can only be held LOCALLY in Columbus, OH.  Once you purchase your session we will get in contact with you to set the date, time and location.  These sessions are always held in public spaces like libraries, etc and will require you to bring your computer with you.  

THANK YOU again for signing up for this class, I look forward to working with you soon!