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Equipping, Empowering, Encouraging
YOU in The Work of The Soul

The Collective is an online community of members from all over the world, committed to doing the Work of The Soul!   The focus of this group is to build community and support around mental health and emotional wellness on the journey of sanctification. We are here to Unclutter, Get Clear, Heal and Grow.  We will do this by giving members access to exclusive content, teachings, webinars, live in-person events AND a private members only Facebook group dedicated to facilitating discussion, encouragement and support to name a few

Looking to join? Just select a membership option below and register!  Once you register you will receive a welcome email with instant access to lots of awesome content and the link to join our Members Only Facebook group!  Look forward to connecting with you there!

* Please note that we are not here to diagnose, conduct therapy or take the place of a medical professional. However we can help provide support, testimonies, resources and personal experiences.*